We are committed to complying fully with the social distancing guidelines caused by COVID-19 and have postponed The DON'T WAIT Project® Tour 2020 until further notice. Now more than ever, we look forward to the time when we can launch the tour and share stories of people living DON'T WAIT lives, no matter the obstacles. To learn more about previous tours, take a look at these highlight videos from last year.


The first leg of the tour takes place in Austin and Dallas, Texas, as The DON'T WAIT Project® Tour 2019 gets underway. Check out who we've met, where we've stopped and how camping life is treating us.

I'm searching for the story that speaks to YOU, so keep watching. Follow the tour on Facebook and Instagram.


We're making my way through the southern states. Take a look at the Bayou Teche Brewery stop in Arnaudville, Louisiana. LIVE music, crawfish pizza and 160-mile bayou, plus stories from locals on this boon dock adventure before heading to Jackson, Mississippi.


For the next stop of The DON'T WAIT Project® Tour, we traveled to southern Mississippi where we visited an urban farm in Jackson. Dr. Cindy Ayers does more than harvest produce on her 68-acre farm. She helps build healthy lives in her community. During our stay, we experienced much of what Jackson offers, including the food, live music and southern hospitality.


We traveled to Northern Mississippi for part of one of two stops centered around National Organ Donation Month and an endearing friendship that began in an ICU waiting room 15 years ago.

Follow us along The DON'T WAIT Project Tour and find a story that speaks to YOUR heart.


I've gotta say, strength comes from allowing ourselves to feel uncomfortable⏤emotionally, geographically, physically. Birmingham, Alabama, definitely is not my comfortable place, but I'm so glad I showed up. Take a look, and you'll experience some of the most amazing examples of people living DON'T WAIT lives⏤I promise.

Alabama is checked off our list of stops along The DON'T WAIT Project® Tour. 


Take a look at the wonderful stories we helped tell in North Carolina along the third week of the tour.  I met Christine via Skype when she was on my show a couple years ago, following her Facebook post about the 911 call she almost didn't make.

We also spent an afternoon with a group of active and thriving Parkinson's patients who absolutely stole my heart and hold my deep respect. We also took in a carnival and made friends with the downtown locals in Charlotte.


Along The DON'T WAIT Project® Tour, we've boon docked at some fabulous locations. If you travel and sleep on wheels, you won't want to miss out on the Russian Chapel Hills Winery. It's true we stayed an extra day when stuck in the tornadoes, but what a beautiful place to spend our time. Take a look.


It's a rare opportunity to meet people like Robin and Fred Ford. They offered us a place to park our trailers on their more than 100-year-old homestead in between DON'T WAIT stories, and the Fords are truly a DON'T WAIT story of their own.

We kept the camera rolling and captured some of the best content of the tour. Grateful to them for their hospitality and stimulating conversation⏤two of my favorite things.


I went in search of a musician who has a compelling success story in the music industry, and I was immediately set on Kirby Brown for his sound, lyrics and fortitude.

Also on this stop, I enjoyed some much-needed girl time when two of my besties flew out from Washington for a fun-filled Nashville weekend, including a visit to the Grand Ole Opry and a chance meeting with one of the evening's performers.


I've thought about the men of the Knoxville, Tennessee, stop of The DON'T WAIT Project® Tour everyday since we left. I felt honored knowing that just by them showing up for our day of fly fishing and interviews showed their trust in me as their storyteller.

Project Healing Waters is a life-saving organization, and I will never forget the time I spent on the water with the people who run it, volunteer for it and participate in it. These men are life-changing storytellers. 


Meet Ruby Kate of Harrison, Arkansas. She's starting a movement toward filling the gap for the nursery home residents who receive only $40 medicaid dollars toward their basic needs each month.

Sara Bridgeman of Sperry, Oklahoma, shares about giving prom dresses to young women and teaching them lessons in self-respect while also serving us up her home-cooked Easter leftovers⏤what a delight!


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